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What’s the Most Effective Fast Easy Workout?

The most effective fast easy workout is the one you will do my friend, the one that you will do. I will show you my favorite fast easy workout in a few minutes, but first I want to talk about the gap between the idea and the action.

Believe me, I know how it is when the last thing you want to to is get up and move. It takes effort!

The brain has a very backwards way of accomplishing your needs, because it truly doesn’t  listen to your conscious thought unless you are focused and “in the moment.” Once you let go of that intention, and I’ve already told you (in my Dear Facebook article earlier) how easy it is to get distracted, you’re a slave to your subconscious taking over.

Imagine your brain as a self-absorbed person with headphones on, holding up a hand to your face. In fact, let’s take it one step further. Think about someone you know who has put you down. I’m sure you can pick up a vivid memory because it’s painful. They may have mocked you, rolled their eyes at you, said “blah blah blah”  or walked away whenever you tried to get your point across. It’s totally frustrating, isn’t it? You feel minimized, ignored.

“Listen brain, I really want to work out. I’m too heavy and I’ve got to do this.” Insert the wishes hopes and dreams of you sticking with your chosen exercise routine. “Blah blah blah.” It only hears you in that fleeting moment. Once you move on, it reverts back to its old embedded programming. I’m not just saying this from my own experience, what happens is actually backed by science.

I hope to encourage you by lifting the guilt and shame attached to your working thoughts  as you wrestle with the idea of moving your body more. 


Do you know why hypnotists always take you back to your childhood?

They’re tapping into the time of your earliest  impressions/life lessons, specifically between the ages of two and six years old.  It has everything to do with your brainwaves, you know, the thing they measure in an EEG? When we arrive on this planet as a baby, our newly formed mentality moves at a slower rate. The speed of your brain waves can be measured, and please don’t quote me because I’m not a doctor. This is just my way of explaining what I’ve studied from credible authorities.

In Dr. Bruce H. Lipton’s book: The Biology of Belief, he makes sense of our sensations and life experiences by explaining the basic function and activity of our cells. It’s simple really, cells move toward an environment that’s good for them, and away from that which is bad for them. Cells organize themselves into systems, you know this right? The circulatory system, digestive system, etc. They are all connected and they all “feel” the many different kinds of stimuli they’re introduced to, whether it be an outside experience or an internal thought or emotion.

Here’s what blew my mind. When I said “many kinds of stimuli” I wasn’t kidding. We receive information from all of our senses, both consciously and subconsciously. According to Tor Norretranders,  the subconscious mind interprets 20 million bits of information in a single second, 20 million! Compare that to our little ole conscious thought that we’re aware of scoring a mere 40 bits of information. I think this where I’m supposed to drop the mike. Your conscious mind doesn’t stand a chance, not ever and no way will your “willpower” ever  be calling the shots. The only way to influence your behavior is to enter into the world of your subconscious.

So back to brain waves. As we reach the terrible twos, our mental mode kicks in, and if you’re a parent you know this to be true because there is major evidence of that shift. This is when our brain waves speed up slightly in order to successfully learn how to survive in our given environment. The impressions that are made during this time become our truths, and they last for all of our lifetime, unless you know how to re-wire those embraced beliefs. And that is why I’m here.

Judy J Lutz

So what does this mean for all of us who want to burn fat, build muscle, get healthy and feel younger?

Baby steps. The first step is a big one, you have to accept yourself for who you are right now. We take care of the things we love, and the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn was how to love myself. Now the conscious mind will say: “Of course I love myself!” but what about that under the surface truth you were told as a child? Take a quick trip back to the very first time you felt unworthy. Was it a parent? A sibling? Someone made you feel small. Someone knocked all that innocence out of you and gave you a huge dose of “reality,” or what I like to call limiting negative beliefs. Be aware of this circumstance and come back to that memory in your mind. Speak to that child as your older self would using encouraging words. Be the voice you longed to hear, an influence that was  nurturing, uplifting and supportive. Words have so much power if you believe them.

The next thing to do is remember you’re bucking the tide as far as making changes in your routine. Intentional change is a conscious act, and it’s only good for the time your positive thoughts are in the front of your mind. It doesn’t last. You’ve got to be sneaky with yourself, do something so easy it doesn’t draw the attention of the beast, your unconscious mind, which loves to repeat the negative lessons of low self-worth you learned as a child. I promised you my favorite fast easy workout and when I tell you about it you won’t believe me, but this workout kicked my ass, I was sore for days, and it only took one minute.

The One Minute Workout

How hard can it be to do a full body workout in one minute? I’ve tried these things, a lot of them. Promises made by a credible fitness experts and then you attempt to follow the routine for what, maybe a day? I bought this one yoga video once, thinking yoga was gentle and the instructor expected me to bend myself into a pretzel and stand on my forearms the very first lesson. Ha! That’s pretty hilarious if you think I’m gonna do that lady. First of all you’re thirty years younger than I am and your body bends like Gumby. I know you don’t know who Gumby is, you’re too young!

Let me be very clear, out of all the home workouts I’ve signed up for thus far, this is truly the most effective workout I’ve found, and it’s completely fast and easy for anyone who’s ready to get off the couch. It’s got to be, or you won’t do it.

Introducing my genius friend Meredith Shirk, creator of the One Minute Workout.


Full disclosure, it started with a one minute ab workout, and then I found myself doing more. That’s the idea! Start small and sneaky, do just one minute a day until you actually feel like it’s fun. The truth is your brain likes what’s familiar. If you do something new consistently it becomes a habit and pretty soon you’re doing it in your sleep. Not kidding, “doing it in your sleep” means the subconscious mind has accepted it and is running your new routine in the background, got it? Also, it’s important to note that even though your conscious is saying “this is fun I can do it” now, that’s only because you’re in the moment and focused.  Getting back to this moment and doing it again is the challenge. There’s a gap between what your conscious thought wants to do and what your inner child (who feels unworthy) is reminding you: “You’re worthless, you never finish anything, what’s the point you’ll always be fat, etc.”

Staying in the moment is HARD. So I’m only asking you to start with one minute. Enter your email to get the free workout, and then if you like what you find, please visit the link here and order the full 7 Minute Workout to get the most bang for your buck.

Try it out for yourself.

Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it has to work for you, but isn’t it worth investing your time to at least find out? There are 1440 minutes in a day. I think you can spare just one. I stand by my claim, for me this is the most effective fast easy workout on the planet. And in case you’re wondering, you’re right. This is an affiliate link so I may be compensated for referring you to Meredith’s program. If that offends you, so be it. Please walk away with the knowledge that you’ve gained here today and hopefully it will be enough to get you going in your own beautiful way.

Always here for you,



  • drinkteahub

    This is such an inspiring post, thank you so much. Although I’ve lost a lot of weight over the last three years, now that I’ve reached my target weight my motivation is waning and I really need a new workout to motivate me to stay fit and keep the pounds off. It’s too easy to make the excuse that I’m too busy but with a workout only a minute long I really have no excuse. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • JJL

      I so appreciate your feedback, thank you! Good for you on losing that weight, you will also inspire others to do the same. This is a tricky time so keep yourself active to maintain as you said.

  • Emily

    You are so right about the best workout being the one that YOU will do. It’s taken me a long time to figure out that yes I will actually excercise as long as I can enjoy or find some satisfaction with what I’m doing! I really like the idea of one minute workouts that you can then add more to. I currently do 20 minute HIIT workouts around my kids, and while most days that is manageable there are times where it just isn’t possible so the idea of something that comes in one minute increments you can do as much as you want of is quite appealing.

    • JJL

      Wonderful! Thanks Emily, what a great idea. Your kids must come first for sure, but they need a mommy that’s 100% so never neglect your own needs, there’s time for them and you.

  • Krista

    Hello Judy, So glad to comment on your website.  This is definitely an area that I have been challenged in.  As the fall approaches I will have less “outdoor” activities and this appears to be able to be done easily at home.  You put together an awesome sight.  It is so easy to overlook this important factor in our health. Very well done.  Krista

    • JJL

      Thank you so much Krista, I’m happy to hear that and what a wonderful comment. I love the weather now but for sure it will be harder to be outside soon and we need to keep moving no matter what. Great

  • Zikora

    This is awesome! I don’t hate working out but i cant seem to get the time to work out for a full hour or even consistently for half an hour each day. I like that this one minute is not just exercise, its getting the mind up to speed to start building on  new routine. I will try this. Thank for the link to the fast and easy work out from Ms Shirk. This might work for me.

    • JJL

      Awesome! It’s funny, the one hour workout timeframe was set up because personal trainers are paid by the hour. It’s by no means a requirement. Most of my friends that are personal trainers are now promoting 15 minutes of exercise being just as effective, provided you’re #1 breathing hard and #2 feeling the burn. That’s certainly effective but not as easy getting started. Thank you for your comment Zikora.

  • Henderson

    Hello Judy,this is exactly what I need right now. I’m glad you can share this here because I find it really tiring to do any exercise and I find it to be very helpful d to my health. So why not? If definitely give a minute of that plenty minutes to try out a work out. I really hope that as much as it was effective for you and you Sabi all in to it,I also like it myself. Thank you!

    • JJL

      You mentioned something that is so true Henderson. It is really tiring sometimes and a that’s a huge obstacle when you’re trying or at least want to try, but just not up to the task physically. Another great reason to do just one minute, thank

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