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Dear Facebook


My Best Advice: Observe Without Judgment Facebook Fans

You started out shamelessly subjecting innocent students to social scrutiny, and now you are everywhere. Kudos to those who shun the app, or have even taken the time to walk away for a bit because they refuse to get sucked in. It shows strength of character, but what are they missing?

Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Facebook Events, Facebook Challenges, Facebook Marketplace…

Friends and families depend on you for connection, checking social media instead of picking up the phone for a status update. You put a serious dent in productivity at the workplace, distracting those who could use a better work ethic. You are always there, waiting for us to succumb to your lure. Businesses who have learned to wield the effectiveness of your influence flood our feed with sponsored posts. As an online marketer I can tell you, it’s terrifying to know that I can easily stalk my prospective clients, showing up in other mediums after I’ve tagged them with a Facebook pixel.

Leverage, an Ugly Word

Lets talk about the leverage you have over me and my fellow business owners. With your algorithm, you can absolutely control who sees my hard work. It takes creative genius to develop a following, and even though I may have something of value to share only you can decide who sees it. Unless of course I pay you, and then I have access to your extensive database. For a price, I can show up multiple times over and over and over again, and as all seasoned salespeople know it takes seven touches before a customer makes a decision to buy. Have you been subjected to the ad that won’t go away?

It’s Not Scientific Law, but Someone Had an Idea

Who did that study? Oh yeah, Microsoft. The idea went viral. They stated the internet was shrinking our attention span, and that the length of time for which a person was able to hold a thought measured less than that of a goldfish, about 8 seconds. It seems like this would be right but how exactly do you measure that? According to Dan Milano, “It’s a load of carp.” Way to go Dan! If you want to read his article debunking the supposed phenomenon go here.

Yes, you can put something out there on Facebook and with enough people believing and sharing and talking about it, it becomes a well-known “truth.”

You Forced My Hand, Facebook

In order to be “seen” on your platform I have to put myself out there on camera, LIVE. Luckily, my stuff is important and I’m able to overcome my fear of what could possibly come out of my own mouth which would make things awkward. You’ve seen plenty of Facebook Lives, because that’s what Facebook wants. I want to get my message in front of more people, so I have to play by your rules and cut a live video. Here goes.



PS. Some of you may misinterpret this video and assume it’s a platform for network marketing. You’re right, that’s what it was. However, I’ve evolved and I’m now repurposing many of my old videos and maneuvering through my personal life journey with deeper insight. This was what I “had to do” to be seen. As I stated earlier, I am no longer in the business of mlm after devoting multiple websites to justifying it as a business model. For many it works beautifully, as in a franchise of duplication without the risk or high investment cost. For me it failed. I lacked the necessary influence and belief in myself (at that time.)

I’d love to chat more about what I lacked and why I was not successful because it has everything to do with why I’m here now posting articles about self-worth, joy and happiness…

judy j lutz dear facebook



  • Shan

    It really is quite scary to consider how much data large companies like Facebook and Microsoft have on all us little people. Sadly you are right – the average person has little to no chance of being seen or getting their brand out there unless they play by big brother’s rules. I wonder if we would have half a chance of changing those norms if enough of us banded together and came up with a strategy of our own lol. 

    Thanks for today’s interesting thought! 

    • JJL

      Hi Shan, I’ve seen plenty of great strategies to get around the algorithms, the only problem is Facebook catches on and often counters with an update. You are so right though, we may be little people but when we band together as you suggest we can be mighty! Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Chris

    I actually walked away from Facebook about 8 months ago now, and I have no intention of ever going back to it. Over recent years I’ve realised that quality of life is far more important than how long you live, what other people are doing, their successes and failures etc. 

    Facebook was actually the biggest culprit in bringing these things into my life!

    I have been on Facebook for A LONG time, but strangely enough…I do not miss it in any way shape or form. This speaks loudest to me. 

    Great article by the way. (I know I strayed off point!!!!)

    • JJL

      Thanks Chris, that’s so interesting. I agree with you that quality of life is far more important. I had to teach myself not to compare and on a platform like Facebook it’s a tall task. Thanks so much for your support here.

  • Carmen

    Hi Judy. I personally don’t like facebook. But with your posting, you have a little perspective on him. It seems you are right when you say I respect facebook fans without judging them. However, I do not like the look that facebook decides who sees my posts, apart from my friends. And I don’t have too many. Interesting post.

    • JJL

      You’re not alone, it’s detrimental to so many that use it the wrong way. Send me a friend request, you’ll have another friend!

  • Luigi

    Hey Judy, another really good article. I liked the way you posted on Facebook Live as practice as well as the opportunity to engage with your Facebook connections and in understanding that Facebook wants you putting live, original content on their platform and will in fact reward you for it the more you did it. I tried doing that on various platforms, playing guitar and performing songs. The problem with that was that its very hard to play songs and connect with and respond to people at the same time. I’m going to follow your example and see how I go in other areas.

    Using video like this, including as an introduction to yourself is a powerful tool because the video stays up there 24/7 even though you recorded it live, so people anywhere in the world can get to know you from the one recording. Just like YouTube videos, they stay there forever and you never know when someone will randomly find something you recorded and become a connection or a client farther down the track.

    Yes, Facebook can be insidious, you can stalk people, you can find people based on their interests and by giving people dopamine hits (maybe a topic for a future article) people get stuck on Facebook at the cost of other things they should be doing. However if you do it well, you can be giving people useful information and generate business. 

    One of the things that often annoys me with Facebook is that when you look at something online, they spot it and then direct Facebook ads to you, which are often for things you have already bought, which means the ads are redundant. However in your situation where you are promoting blogs and education, and you have done good targeting, people will want to see your ads and posts, because there is always something new within the area of interest you are active in. 

    I like your work.

    • JJL

      I was just listening to a recording of me receiving advice from a personal business coach, and she posts Facebook live videos 3 times a day! She gets tons of engagement but I’m with you, if it doesn’t feel right  ( I too lack the focus to concentrate on both my audience and my message) I have to believe there’s another way. You’re right, it’s all up to the individual and how he uses the platform, and people everywhere have different ideas of what’s acceptable. Personally, I like to scroll right past the disturbing stuff, that’s better for me than trying to argue my point because it will only escalate the exposure of the post. There’s a way to turn off the ads that are following you. I forget where it was, but google is great for such questions. I would type in “how to disable facebook ads” and voila! Always great chatting with you Luigi, I still want to hear you

  • Luigi Cappel

    Hey Judy, funny that you’re on Facebook Live talking to your husband. I like the way you are finding multiple ways to use your media.

    I’m totally with you on the work ethic. I used to work for a Government Department where at the end of each year we had a process called reporting. We had to report on people one level above us and one level below us. I used to work really hard and I resented it when people would come to me at the end of the year saying “I’ll give you a good report if you give me a good report.” This was effectively giving people license to do very little and get rewarded for it.

    • Judy

      Wow, and this is why our government needs help lol! Not going there…I hate politics.๐Ÿ™ˆ I would feel that way too, it’s like you’re the only one putting in real effort, the only one that cares. And being rewarded for basically covering for each other. Not good. I’m so glad you’re commenting on my site, it’s very encouraging Luigi, thank you my friend.

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