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    FACEBOOK, OH FACEBOOK, WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH POWER OVER SO MANY? My Best Advice: Observe Without Judgment Facebook Fans You started out shamelessly subjecting innocent students to social scrutiny, and now you are everywhere. Kudos to those who shun the app, or have even taken the time to walk away for a bit because they refuse to get sucked in. It shows strength of character, but what are they missing? Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Facebook Events, Facebook Challenges, Facebook Marketplace… Friends and families depend on you for connection, checking social media instead of picking up the phone for a status update. You put a serious dent in productivity at…

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    Welcome my friend. You are about to embark on a new path to discovering your true self and embracing all that is you. My name, in case you missed it, is Judy J Lutz. (That’s LOOTZ if you say it out loud.) I am an award-winning nutritional cleansing expert, healthy lifestyle coach, author and entrepreneur. None of this was true about me just a few years ago. Do you ever lay awake at night wondering “what if” you could just get past the constant every day stuff and spend time being extraordinary? Is there a spark inside of you that keeps nagging away, tempting you to be more, do more…