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    Instead of Making Fear About Stress, Let’s Make Fear Fun

    What’s your biggest fear? How does it make you feel, and what do you think it’s doing to you mentally, physically and emotionally? We don’t like to admit to our fears, so we’ve conveniently and collectively re-labeled the term. It’s okay to talk about your stress, right? Let’s dig in, and instead of making fear about stress, let’s dissolve that dreaded emotion entirely so that you can be the dynamic and determined super hero you were meant to be. Can You Remember Your First Fear? When was the first time you experienced stress and anxiety, aka fear? Put yourself back in your youth and remember how it felt. Where were…

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    Why Do People Sabotage Themselves?

    Are you a self-saboteur? Boy, if I can help you with this one thing, it would make everything else look easy and instantly catapult your success. Why do people sabotage themselves? I think we should first talk about how people are sabotaging themselves, often without even being aware of what they’re doing! How You Are Sabotaging Yourself, Let Me Count the Ways… Here are just a few (off the top of my head) elusive self-sabotaging habits: Pressing the snooze button. Telling yourself: “I’m going to be late.” Singing the song: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey Telling someone else: “I’m not worried.” Starting a diet. Putting things off. Complaining. Gossiping. Not…

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    Food Label Secrets and Free Nutrition Facts

    How do you read a food label? Reading a nutrition facts label can be tricky, so I invite you “behind the scenes” for some free nutrition facts that will completely change the way you look at reading food labels. You can thank me later. Healthy or Not? You can’t flow joy if you don’t feel good, and you won’t feel good until you take care of your body. The best way to do that is to eat well. That doesn’t mean eating more, it means eating better. Bottom line, eat more vegetables, duh. Not so easy with our stressful busy lifestyles! We’ll get there, but in the mean time for all those…

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    What’s the Most Effective Fast Easy Workout?

    The most effective fast easy workout is the one you will do my friend, the one that you will do. I will show you my favorite fast easy workout in a few minutes, but first I want to talk about the gap between the idea and the action. Believe me, I know how it is when the last thing you want to to is get up and move. It takes effort! The brain has a very backwards way of accomplishing your needs, because it truly doesn’t  listen to your conscious thought unless you are focused and “in the moment.” Once you let go of that intention, and I’ve already told you (in…

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    About Me

    Dear Facebook

    FACEBOOK, OH FACEBOOK, WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH POWER OVER SO MANY? My Best Advice: Observe Without Judgment Facebook Fans You started out shamelessly subjecting innocent students to social scrutiny, and now you are everywhere. Kudos to those who shun the app, or have even taken the time to walk away for a bit because they refuse to get sucked in. It shows strength of character, but what are they missing? Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Facebook Events, Facebook Challenges, Facebook Marketplace… Friends and families depend on you for connection, checking social media instead of picking up the phone for a status update. You put a serious dent in productivity at…

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    About Me


    Welcome my friend. You are about to embark on a new path to discovering your true self and embracing all that is you. My name, in case you missed it, is Judy J Lutz. (That’s LOOTZ if you say it out loud.) I am an award-winning nutritional cleansing expert, healthy lifestyle coach, author and entrepreneur. None of this was true about me just a few years ago. Do you ever lay awake at night wondering “what if” you could just get past the constant every day stuff and spend time being extraordinary? Is there a spark inside of you that keeps nagging away, tempting you to be more, do more…