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Welcome my friend.

You are about to embark on a new path to discovering your true self and embracing all that is you. My name, in case you missed it, is Judy J Lutz. (That’s LOOTZ if you say it out loud.) I am an award-winning nutritional cleansing expert, healthy lifestyle coach, author and entrepreneur.

None of this was true about me just a few years ago.

Do you ever lay awake at night wondering “what if” you could just get past the constant every day stuff and spend time being extraordinary? Is there a spark inside of you that keeps nagging away, tempting you to be more, do more and have more? Or maybe the opposite is true. I know how hard it is to get through the day feeling like there is no purpose, no point, no passion. Sure you can go with it, play along, smile and nod, but the truth is nothing excites you anymore.

Either way, there’s got to be a reason for the way you feel. Wanna find out what it is?


I can help.

It took me a long time to figure it out with lots of research, self-discovery and plenty of mentors guiding my way thank goodness. I had to undo layers of limiting beliefs, false realities and decades of programming. We learn from each other, don’t we? But what we learn is not always beneficial. Our parents give their best advice because they want to protect us. Our teachers keep us in line because they want to discipline. And our friends do their best to influence us so that we “fit in.” I don’t believe in “fitting in” anymore, especially when the expectations are in direct conflict with who I am.

Now you’re talking to a woman who has experienced an incredible transformation. Just ask my husband! He met me in the midst of my chronic depression and has lived through all of the repercussions. I won’t go into the details here because my focus is now on you, and how I can take you through the process of getting out of your own way.

judy j lutz

What you will learn here.

I could be cheesy and steal somebody else’s headline, like: “How to Live Your Best Life!” but I want to go deeper than that. Aren’t we all doing our best with what we’ve been given? I want to talk about understanding the mysteries of the mind. Did you know that your subconscious controls 80% of what you do on automatic pilot? I know, I ask a lot of questions but they are meant to keep you focused. You see I’m a researcher. I’m obsessed with learning and I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours studying with the masters. I hope to provide you with tangible insight into your own true desires.

How did all of this get started? A woman named Chrissy walked into my world and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She was one of those brilliant and successful network marketers, you know the kind of person you want to run away from? But her positive influence was infectious. She glowed, and I wanted to experience life through her eyes because she was just so… happy.

Stick with me, I am not here to sell you on mlm as a business. I only wish to share what I’ve learned. I did run with the “selling” of network marketing for a long time, met some fabulous friends and it’s a big part of my paradigm shift, but it’s no longer my thing. I figured out that what I truly loved was educating people, providing them with simple perceptive information so that they could make their own decision, no strings attached. I also learned that I did not want to manage others, I wanted to teach people how to manage themselves.

Clarity breeds confidence.

In order to get clear about your purpose and passion you have to do what I did, peel back the layers. There are many ways to do this and I will be offering up the most effective methods I’ve found. I will be referencing the many thought leaders who have shaped my perception, and I will provide specific digestible nuggets of wisdom that may just give you the life-changing experience you weren’t expecting but always knew was available to you. We’re going to get into the practical, the intellectual and the spiritual. Eventually, this will evolve into a course in self-discovery, but for now it’s just me sharing what I know. I hope it is meaningful because you mean a lot to me, whoever you are. If you are here now, you’re looking for the same answers I was looking for and together we will find them. Thank you for visiting.

All the best,

Judy J Lutz



  • Donny


    I know when someone is just trying to sell you something that if you really knew anything about you wouldn’t buy and this definitely doesn’t sound anything like that. 

    I like your real talk,  I have also changed from someone who wants to sell someone whatever I have to selling the whatever it is they really need. I’m glad you are showing real care about the kind of content you will be sharing with your Audience and i hope i will be able to do the same thing too.

    I for instance am also one person in the process of self discovery and yes ma’am  everyday I feel the urge to be more, attain more and when I ask myself what I want to be in life  I say, “I want to be Happy.” I’m sure I’ll need to master this art of flowing joy.


    • JJL

      Hey Donny, thank you so much for your comment. My intention is to educate, but I have to admit I am a business too. I’ve knocked on plenty of doors trying to sell, and I’m so glad I’ve learned that my true calling is to provide information with no expectation of return. However, once you break through the barrier of low self-worth you begin to realize that you are here for a bigger reason. Each of us has a unique talent and I believe “the Universe” rewards us for sharing our gifts. I was just recently questioned on this, and I’m so glad you give me a chance to explain further! I made a significant choice to “walk away” from network marketing, but to be more specific I was walking away from selling the “business” of network marketing. I am still affiliated with two different companies because I’m a product user, and I order every month. The nutrition company who’s products I recommend highly (upon request) has received monthly orders from me, my husband, and my two sons for the past 7 years. All of the products are sent here to my home because I use them. So if you were to ask me for help getting better nutrition incorporated into a daily routine that’s customized to your natural daily habits, I will send you to that program for more information. Yes, I will get a referral reward and it’s actually pretty mainstream now when you think about how most of the big NON network marketing companies are paying you back for recommending their services, Sprint for example. I deleted 5 previous websites because I was trying to sell products the wrong way. They were full of information that no one heard because once they got a whiff of mlm they stopped listening. I think the information is important, so I’ve had to invent a new way of trying to help people. That was my own self-discovery. You will find your groove as I did, and I want to assure you that if you visit my website you don’t have to buy anything. You’ll still learn some valuable takeaways that will inspire you to a greater understanding of yourself.

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